Advanced Technology


Advanced Technology in Las Vegas, NV

When you visit our office, you can rest certain that our experienced team at Smile Mas Dental are using cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality and fit of your dental care.

Our practice uses Computer guided dental implant surgery

Most dental implant surgeries begin with a computer simulation. Our team of Dentists, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, and Certified Dental Lab Technicians arrange your operation on the computer using advanced 3D imaging performed in our clinic. Following that, a bespoke guide is created, allowing for a faster, more exact implant placement appointment—often without incisions or stitches!

Digital Imaging

Dr. Abrahams at Smile Mas Dental in Las Vegas, NV will determine which radiographs to take and when. We adhere to a number of guidelines. Radiographs enable us to see what we can't see with our eyes. We can use radiographs to discover cavities between your teeth, determine bone level, and assess bone health. We can also look at the roots and nerves of teeth, identify abnormalities like cysts and tumors, and assess damage after a trauma.

Dental radiographs are extremely useful tools for diagnosing, treating, and preserving dental health. Dental radiographs have a very short exposure time. Digital Imaging Technologies are used by Smile Mas Dental. When compared to traditional radiographs, exposure time with digital imaging is about half as long. We can also use digital imaging to retrieve important diagnostic information. We might be able to notice cavities more clearly now.

Digital imaging allows us to retain patient images and send them to specialists or insurance providers fast and efficiently.


Because the image is viewed on a computer monitor rather than holding a 35mm film up to the light, digital X-rays are more precise. You will be exposed to 1/6th the amount of radiation with digital X-rays.


Many patients, particularly younger ones, are accustomed with cutting-edge technology and are at ease in a high-tech environment. They process information mostly through computers and television screens.

Intraoral camera technology is used by our dentists and Smile Mas to assist you better comprehend your diagnosis. An intraoral camera is an extremely small camera, measuring only a few millimeters in length in some situations. An intraoral camera helps us to see crisp, exact images of your mouth, teeth, and gums so that we can make an accurate diagnosis. Standard mirror examinations may miss details that are visible with clear, defined, magnified photographs. This might mean a quicker diagnosis and fewer time in the chair for you!

Intraoral cameras also allow us to keep your photos on our office computer as a permanent record of your treatments. These photographs can be produced for you, other specialists, your lab, or insurance companies.

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