Top-Quality Mouthguards in Las Vegas, NV

Investing in a reliable mouthguard is a wise decision for those living an active lifestyle or experiencing nightly teeth grinding. Keeping your teeth safe during sports and nighttime grinding is crucial for long-term dental health. Smile Mas Dental offers a range of quality mouthguards in Las Vegas, NV, each designed to provide optimal protection and comfort. From custom-fitted models to ready-made solutions, learn how our specialized options can help protect your oral health.

What Is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a protective device worn in the mouth, typically covering the teeth and gums, to prevent injury during sports and other physical activities. Made of soft, durable material, mouthguards cushion any blows or impacts, helping to protect against broken teeth and injuries to the lips, tongue, face, or jaw. Easy to use and available in various forms, including custom-made or ready-to-wear, mouthguards are an accessible tool to protect your oral health.

Types of Mouthguards We Offer


If you find yourself waking up with a sore jaw or a headache, it might be due to teeth grinding during sleep. Our custom-made nightguards offer a comfortable solution to fit your teeth and prevent the issues associated with bruxism (teeth grinding). These devices help reduce wear on your teeth and relieve the tension headaches and jaw pain that often come with nighttime teeth grinding.


Our mouthguards are the perfect choice for those looking to protect their teeth from the effects of grinding and clenching during the day. Unlike over-the-counter options, our mouthguards are tailored to fit perfectly in your mouth, providing maximum comfort and protection. This personalized fit helps prevent dental injuries and reduces the strain on your jaw muscles.

Sports Mouthguards

Engaging in sports, especially contact sports like football, basketball, or boxing, increases the risk of oral injuries. Our sports mouthguards are designed to offer optimal protection for athletes of all ages. More than just protective gear, our sports mouthguards are comfortable to wear and do not restrict breathing or speaking, keeping you safe and focused on the game.

The Benefits of Mouthguards

  • Cost-Effective. Investing in a mouthguard is much more affordable than dealing with the expensive dental procedures that might be needed if injuries occur.

  • Prevents Dental Injuries. Mouthguards help safeguard your teeth and gums from injuries like chips, fractures, and dislocations. They significantly reduce the risk of sport-related dental injuries.

  • Minimizes Risk of Concussions. Mouthguards can help absorb shock, stabilize the head and neck, and thus potentially reduce the risk of concussions when playing sports.

  • Protects Against Soft Tissue Injuries. By covering the sharp surfaces of the teeth, mouthguards help prevent injuries to the lips, tongue, and inner cheeks, especially in high-contact sports.

  • Comfortable and Customizable. Modern mouthguards are customizable, which ensures they fit perfectly, providing maximum comfort and effective protection.

What to Expect When Getting Mouthguards From Us

Step 1: Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, our expert dentists will conduct a thorough oral assessment. This step is crucial as it helps us determine the best type of mouthguard for you while considering your unique dental structure and lifestyle requirements.

Step 2: Mouthguard Fitting and Design

Once we understand your needs, the next stage involves taking precise impressions of your teeth. This process is vital for crafting a seamless mouthguard that offers optimal protection. These impressions are sent to our specialized dental lab, where your custom mouthguard is developed using high-quality materials.

Step 3: Mouthguard Delivery and Follow-Up

Your customized mouthguard will be ready for pickup at our office within one to two weeks from when we send out your impressions. Upon arrival, we invite you back for a fitting session where our dentist will adjust and fine-tune your mouthguard to ensure a perfect fit. This follow-up visit is essential, as it allows us to make any necessary adjustments and ensures you leave with a mouthguard that provides superior protection and comfort.

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Protecting your teeth with a reliable mouthguard from Smile Mas Dental is not just about injury prevention—it’s about peace of mind. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who grinds your teeth at night, our customized mouthguards offer comfort and security. Don’t wait for the first sign of trouble; proactive protection is the key to long-term oral health.

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